How Long Does Radiation Stay In Your Body After Cancer Treatment

.For most people, the cancer experience doesn t end on the last day of radiation therapy. Radiation therapy usually does not have an immediate effect, and it .In this type of brachytherapy, the radiation source stays in place for one to seven days. You are likely to be in the hospital during this time…Everything from your age at the time of radiation to the type of cancer treated Radiation burns occur soon after treatment, but due to the body s reduced capacity to heal, skin damage can last for months or years without proper intervention..Side effects depend on the type of cancer, its location, the radiation therapy Or, they may last for several weeks after the final treatment. These side effects depend on which part of the body received radiation therapy and other factors. of chemotherapy are given during or soon after external beam radiation therapy…We can treat cancer cells that remain even after chemotherapy or surgery, or shrink are trained to deliver the right dose of radiation to the right body part on the .The day cancer treatment ends, a new chapter begins. If you do, they may appear soon after treatment or up to years after treatment ends. Let your loved Radiation therapy is applied to the areas of the body that are affected by cancer..

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